Words N Promises

Words are powerful things, what u utter could mean a lot for the other person even if it might mean nothing for u.Now a days people just make promises like its nothing, like their words will be forgotten so soon but i remember every word of it. i remember that they failed to keep it and the worst part would be they not even realizing it,  its just me! it hurts because those words gave HOPE, they made me feel i’m not alone in this war we call ‘life’ but there i was proved wrong again and AGAIN. yet i believe in the words people tell me despite of what i think i learnt, yet i hope and again i shatter like a thin sheet of glass!! i know every time they make promises that them keeping it is not sure but i always have ended up believing that this time is gonna be different. i do not know if its me pushing them away or may its just how i am, how i’m meant to end up, ALONE (haha!!) but i got a better word i got from a sister(whom i respect a lot and have learnt a lot from),  i call myself ONE-MAN-ARMY!! i know this war is meant to be fought alone and i have accepted that fact.

a word of advice for everyone out there Don’t make promises if u know u wont be able to keep it.


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