Here i am listening to Lady Antebellum’s latest album ‘own the night’ and getting drunk on it. i cant much relate to the lyrics as it is about love which im sure ive been in but there is just something about their music and the emotion in their song that i just love.

My life is the way i see it is miserable. I’ve got nothing in it that im scared to loose; it feels like there is nothing there. I used to tell myself that there are things in my life, its just that i dun see it but the fact remains there is nothing. And i used to be scared to loose that nothing but not anymore, there are times when life shows you hope of getting something in life, a person to treasure perhaps but before it happens i loose that. So now i just am not scared anymore to loose that nothing. So come take what you can what u find coz i know i couldnt possible feel worse than i already do. Good luck


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