Not a day goes by that i don’t check my fb, atleast two times a day. i know its okay for the other days but not during my exam times and that is exactly what time it is..exam time. But I hate studying and i know I shouldn’t be saying this but I know I’ve got to do this, some how I need to get through this. Its not that I don’t try, I do and I don’t give up..I don’t call myself onemanarmy for nothing but there are times, I study and it feels like I’m not getting anything and I get frustrated. That is one big fault in me, I get frustrated too fast too easily. And what do I do! log on to facebook and just STARE at the wall..I don’t chat with people I just stare at others posts, may be like it and poof! there goes hours like minutes. and when i finally get myself to pick of the books..few minutes feels like hours. Exam times are very hard but i also know i made it hard myself.

So im gonna do what my friend tells me..need to get hold of myself  and ask myself – whether I want to be an engineer or not !
i need it.. so goodbye net (hopefully).

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