Never Dying Hatred!

I was watching a report done by BBC about how the homosexual are being brutally murdered by the Iraqi government, just after the end of a war that was happening against terrorism, they have started killing again, haven’t enough people died already? They showed a short interview with a spokesperson of the president in which he told the reporter arrogantly that homosexuality is against their religion and that it was a choice people made they were not going to tolerate. He is so sure he knows everything, that he is right and showed no remorse on the lives that they took. After everything these people have been through, decades of war, you’d think they’d have become wiser!

I will never get tired of talking about how fucked up this world is; how humans always find one thing or the other to start killing each other, how they are bent on causing destruction in their own world; It’s very sad. Sometimes they kill each other in name of religion, caste, wealth, ethnicity, race,…and now sexuality has been added to that long list. Its like people rather put their focus, their resources on destroying others and not using it to better themselves and their lives. I totally don’t get that concept, the way i see it, that’s fucked up!
When are people going to accept others for who they are and not who they want others to be? When will these people learn to accept things for what it is? If they don’t understand things, they take it to be an abomination. Why do these people forget that just like they have the right to live their lives the way they want to, so do the others? When are these people going to learn the concept of “live and let live”? It’s not that hard thing to understand. It’s not quantum physics or anything of that complexity level.

Yes, hatred is a part of this world, of ourselves, does that mean it has to drive us, the world? Don’t they know all hatred brings is sadness, pain, destruction?
If we are to survive, to move forward we as the world has to become one and work with each other with the best things we’ve to offer. I being a 21 year old understands that; so the big question comes in, why don’t these “leaders” of the world understand that? Are we led by fools?


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