Even Diamonds Shatter

We think we are strong enough to hold all the hurt and pain that others inflict upon us. But you know what, its okay to tell them to stop and to not hurt us anymore; that won’t make us weak, it means we are strong enough to stand up and tell them to stop,that’s where the strength lies and not in silence to suffer. There is only so much we can take, doesn’t matter how strong we think we are there will come a point when we might just break. So before that point comes, tell them off.

Clean slate

They say if you want to start something new you got to do it on a clean slate and I think its time I do that.

I’ve been living with the past haunting me in my head. I’m probably just imagining that but these thought are not easy to let go. It’s this feeling of being unable to have what I want; this feeling you get when see what u want to become part of your life but then u realize you wont able to have that, that feeling of being a rejection is sure not easy to deal with. It leaves you feeling unwanted, disgusted with yourself and eventually hate yourself. I’d lying if I said I’m over that but I’m trying to and try harder not to let that happen again. These psychological barriers I have up in my head makes me ask a lot of questions to myself, questions that I can’t avoid and the answers to that usually stops me from living a life I want to, be me. that’s how things have been for me and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one but that doesn’t mean its good it’s just that I need not let this psychological thing stop me live and do what I want to. Sometimes asking questions don’t help because looking for answers might just make you forget about just going out there and miss out on the adventures, experiences that might just make you a better you. So if you are reading this and can relate, even if you don’t go LIVE; If u already are GOOD!