live for myself.

2013 is here, i’m no more 21 and all i did was think about how I’ve been living and how all of that is going to change. Things happen when u least expect it and the sad part is u don’t even realize until it becomes obvious. I’m used to being ignored but when done by people whom u didn’t think would it just puts u through ‘things’. I read in a post today in fb that if people choose to ignore u by choice then don’t disturb them so i’m just gonna do that. I’ve learnt to respect and not question other’s choice and i wish for them to do the same, especially now that the time is up for whys. For some reason i dun care no more and i dun wanna ask why to myself either coz somewhere i know its for the best. Always had a solitary life but did have people who made me realize i’m not alone and now one of the two gone i wonder if its just time fall in for a whole solitude and not in part. That is something i’m gonna let time take care of. ME, i’m just going to focus on myself, on my studies, on my tomorrow, do what is required of me, do what makes me feel good, do what i think is right, do whats right for me, put myself first, pave my path, work for what i need n then what i want becomes not so hard to get. Dun think of the world too much or people; i’m going to focus on me and myself in the years ahead.

These days i don’t mind the cold wind blowing on my face, infact i smile and let it blow away. i wonder if i’m liking it too much,i wonder if i’m turning into this selfish hypocrite piece of shit but then this is a fucked up world.


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