The feeling unknown

I wonder what love is. It is not sex I know that much but it is a part of it but not part of every kind of love that exists.  I’m pretty sure you got the idea of love I’m trying to write about here. This love is not like any other love they say; or am I just being unable to pinpoint this love for what it is because of this illusion that has been created by the novels and movies I’ve watched. I wonder if this delusion is going to keep me away from actually living the. real thing I wonder.
I try every time putting what I’m feeling together to see if it fits into this word love but every fucking time I come short. And this makes me wonder if I’m incapable of is so called love because 22 years is a long time.  And as I’m writing this in wonder if I’m looking at this the wrong way.  Until the day I feel it, till I see it in won’t be sure and I know that.  So till that happens I will live with this doubt, the doubt if that unknown exists or if it’s me who is being unable to to see it and take hold of it.


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