Never again

I know it’s not ethical, my own guilty conscience is going to kill me and I know that. But here I am acting like a child hanging on to something I’ve never had before and if I let it go this time I dunno if I’ll ever find this again.  All I needed was a reason,  a reason enough to give into desires without looking at the consequences it might be because I’ve never had something like this before and there is that doubt if I’ll ever have this again.
This head of mine doesn’t just let me live in it, asks me of the morals I’m breaking, the ones I said I would never break. Here I am without regret or any sorry feeling in me coz I know I might never have this again. I killing myself from within for breaking barriers of places I know I shouldn’t have. Now its all done and in the past and i got no regrets.
Life is meant to be lived
And moment are to be cherished not questioned.


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