Things that i’ve learnt

I’ve learnt to smile even if its end of the world
I’ve learnt to be nice to people even if i hate the sight of their shadow
I’ve learnt to let go of hate, failure, success
I’ve learnt to give and not expect anything in return
I’ve learnt to make myself believe in myself and it doesn’t matter even if its only me who beleived in me
I’ve learnt to stop depending on others except my mother of course for now
I’ve learnt to stop caring about the world what they might think of me or of things i do
I’ve learnt to dance in the crowd and just have fun, most times i need at least a bit of alcohol in me
I’ve learnt to hold back tears and my heart
I’ve learnt to be selfish and not be bothered
I’ve learnt to speak my mind and force in some humor even if its only me laughing at the end
I’ve learnt to try even if  i know i will fail
I’ve learnt to not feel bad for myself for being alone
I’ve learnt to walk tall
I’ve learnt to be my biggest supporter and critic
I’ve learnt to take whats given with a smile and to thank others and mean it
I’ve learnt to learn and keep learning which i know will never end


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