A smile

I want to die with a smile on my face so people know that i died a happy man.
They say smiling is good for health, good for your face muscles, But that’s not the reason i smile.
They say smile to a stranger, may be the stranger will smile back at you and u wouldn’t be a stranger no more but that’s not the reason either.
I smile because i don’t know anything else that i can do.
I smile because it is one hell of a good mask to put on.
It’s a bloody good distraction for people to not look into my eyes but see the smile
Because my eyes aren’t good at concealing my feeling; My feelings i like to keep to myself.
So i put on my mask, i put on a smile.
And so when i die i don’t want people to know of my faults, of my failures, of my frustrations.
I want them to see my smile, forget all the questions, forget everything and say that i died a happy man.


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