Why is it so hard to be positive?
Everytime, every-bloody-time your mind gets consumed by all the negativity in life that situations bring, you wonder why are you doing this to yourself because all this negative talk won’t do any good nor will it solve any of your problems or make your life easier.  All this pondering will do is waste your precious precious time in something that does no good.
So all the these thoughts take you in the wrong direction and then it hits you like a train at full speed; thats how i imagine a train at full speed hitting you but i bet it’s more painful than that, if it did though you wouldn’t have to worry about anything not that i’m saying i rather get hit by a train. Haha…may be i saying just that but then for that there would have to be a train in Kathmandu.
Now back to the topic of positivity,  i find myself asking why do i do that! Is it possibly because I have convinced myself that I’m born pessimist,  i am a Capricorn after all. But its a good thing i guess i take the time to ask this question and then change the way i am looking at everything. And it feels good. It feels good to focus on the positives in life. Think about everything that’s going right and not about all that’s going north. It makes life easier, a whole lot easier to live.
But then what about the problems, you might want to know. Deal with it! never said you ignore it; I just said if you can’t find all the solution you shouldn’t let the problems ruin your life, ruin your everyday. This is one life after all, live. Please LIVE, which is something i need to do as well.