I didn’t leave you for somebody else

It has been months since we broke up, I hear your voice every now and then on phone and I always find myself wondering if you are okay, try to read your voice to find out if you are okay. You tell me everything is okay and I want to believe you. I want to believe I’m okay but I wonder if I really am? or if I’m going cry myself to sleep again. I want to believe this is not end of us but only time can tell that because you are one heck of a complicated person and so am I. I couldn’t handle this complicated thing we had between us and I said I’ve had enough and acted on it, I wonder if it was the correct decision then and I haven’t come to a decision if it wasn’t but it’s done and I can’t take it back even if I wanted to which you made very clear to me. But I still wonder if we could make us work if we had another go. This I realized is something most people think as I was going through a friend’s blog about his break-up after 7 years; second chances. Life is hard, love is hard, nothing comes easy, does it? As I read his blog I feel glad that I didn’t leave you for somebody else.