Sadness and you

I feel sad today

I feel like im loosing a lot of things

I hear too many negative thoughts crowding my mind

I feel a lot of things weighing me down

What have i become?

What has life become?

Am i loosing you?

The only connection I made in years

Why have you become so important to me?

Even when I know I am not anymore for you

Am i alone again?

Yes, yes i am

“Oh my baby”

I hear them words in my head

I miss the love you made me feel

I miss not feeling alone

I don’t miss you

I miss not being the only one in the bed

I miss curling up with you

I miss your kisses

I don’t miss you

I miss your eyes looking at me

I miss your smile

I miss the songs u played

I don’t miss you

I heard them words again

I wish i didn’t miss you