Accepting them for who they are

The closer you get to people, you get exposed to their cruel side, their dark side, their fucked-up side you did not think existed. You want to scream at them on top of your lungs, tell them to fuck off.

Fuck you! Fuck you asshole!

But then what’s the point? They are who they are, and I doubt people are going to change. It is you who has to adjust. You just saw them for who they can become, a part of them.

But the fault is my own. I trusted. I relied on them. I gave them everything. I gave them me, the unfiltered me. And in return, I expected honesty, understanding but instead, I got a slap on my face, I was left with the well-deserved turmoil inside which is eating me inside-out. I feel like this feeling is killing me from within. I blame me, that’s it!

As for them, I accept them for their goodness and their darkness, the whole, the Ying and the Yang.

The minutes before I hear the thunder


It does not matter how much u prepare yourself for some things, its just not enough, you’re just never prepared enough.


I can feel my stomach churn in anticipation. I know what is going to happen. I know the exact words I’m gonna hear yet I just not ready to hear them. I know how things are going to fall down for everybody to see. I know every detail, every sequence of the whole process. Coz I’ve been there before. But still I want to push is a bit away; even if its just few minutes, coz I know as soon as it happens; something is going to start to eat me from inside. It’s like when there is lightening first comes the light then the loud thunder. I’ve already seen the light now I’m about to hear that thunder, that sound of me falling all over again, flat on my ass for everyone to see. Sure I can put on that strong, “like nothing happened” face, “like I dun care” face for the world to see but I know how much I’m gonna be disappointed in myself. I’ll be telling myself now I’ve gotta try harder and the whole process of rebuilding what fell starts all over again.


The hardest part of all of this is not knowing if I’m gonna get tired of picking myself up and rather do the easier thing, just give up, coz I know this is not the last of me falling; a feeling tells me there are going to bigger falls in life than passing a semester. And I’m usually right n I hate that.


being a dissapointment

there i was doing my report for my workshop exam tomorrow, the band perry’s if i die young was playing i was humming along and my head got thinking if i never woke up after i went to sleep today what would i be remembered for??

looking back at times as far as i can remember
what i hav is nothing..nothing to be remebered for..what hav i been besides a dissapointment to my friends, my family and most of all to the man in the mirror in whose eyes all i see is that emptiness. that desire to live, to be free, to stand on his own two feet and all i have been telling him is to wait. i tell him have patience and all the while i lay on my bed just contemplating on the things i’ve given up, the people i have lost in time, my failure to be a good friend to the ones i have, and i dont even wanna get started on the family. some other time may be.

i wonder if this i what i will stay like this forever or will i ever grow into something..something i could be proud of and stop pretending and that fake smile to be replaced my the real thing. i ask if its because im alone and the real thing still remains a mystery to me.

i was talking to a friend yesterday, he told me ‘life is a like a one nightstand stranger u dont want to reveal’.. may be just may be  i know exactly what life is for me i just dont want to except it.. rather fight the part of me that wants to except the facts….the fact of life that fact of me. and the battle thats dont seem to end in me is whats wearing me out! mess a big mess…a demon to be tamed aint a easy thing to do!!