Is this why you never taught me to dream?

Because I am cursed?

Cursed at birth

Cursed while growing up

Cursed now that i have grown-up

If this is what’s in stored for me, it’s okay

I will learn to dream

Don’t expect me to give up

Don’t expect me to stop fighting

Coz I will till I have breath left in me.

Emotions & people

Why are we complicated?
Why are we so emotional?

Do you know?
How would you?

You are busy killing yourself
You are your own biggest enemy.

You are lost in the happy ending that will not be
You are fight a fight you have already lost
You have been fighting alone
While he has been busy planning a future for himself.
I gave you my advice
I said throw him out
But I see you are still living in the lie
I don’t want to watch you kill yourself

You are heart broken
Your pack left you by yourself
I stayed as long as I could
I guess that was not enough
You have made your decision
You have shut me out
Now all I see is your dead face
For others you smile and you laugh
You pretend like I don’t exist
You think I haven’t noticed
When I asked
You said nothing

All I’m thinking about is why
Why are you doing this to yourself
Why am I so bothered by this
Why can’t I get you out of my mind
Why did I get shut out

When did you become this important.
I am sad
I want to help
But i’m cut in place hard to heal
How can I help you
When I can’t help myself
How can I give you everything
When I have nothing

Do you not understand?
Why the fuck are you so selfish?

A dream that got crushed

my first post, was going through it again so im rebloging this again

onemanarmy and words

There I was just out of high school filled with dreams with hopes of being in the place or atleast closer to where I wanted to be, to become a doctor. I was excited telling everybody my dream and saying I’m going to do I would have to get there, little did I know the way this world this society worked. So I lost myself, found myself in a darkness I thought I could never get out of but I did and here I stand.

Our world is filled with lies, with hypocrisy which is corrupting the society, discouraging the dreamers. It seems to be only the world of people with power and money and nothing else matters. But there are few lucky ones who got to their destination, may be their talent got them there and I hope so because it’s not fair for everyone to have their dreams…

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When you pass by me, you remind me of all the things I want out of my life.
Your smile makes me want to let go of everything and just make u my life
But I know that is nothing but a dream, a dream I’ll never get to live.
Your make me question myself, my decision, my life, the way I choose to live it
You give me hopes but you take it away from me at that moment,
Because I know you can’t stay
Because I can’t ask you to stay
Because I can’t tell you why I want you to stay
Because I dunno how to tell you that you take my breath away every time you smile.
I want to tell you to not smile at me but how do I tell you that, how do I tell you to give up what makes you who you are
So here I am dreaming of a world with you in it and may be I’ll live in it for a while just so that I know what I want out of our life,
But that is a act of stupidity  and I don’t care.