Who doesn’t want to reach the moon and look at the earth the way we look up at the moon from down here?  That’s the thing about expectations they want us to reach the moon, soar in the space and reach beyond the Milky Way galaxy. But for some of us staying afloat in this sea of life, not drown in it before reaching the shore is what we need to learn to be able to do then we can worry about sprouting the wings or building a space ship to get there. The most important thing in life is to learn to do your best, give all that you got in the given situation and live and smile.

being a dissapointment

there i was doing my report for my workshop exam tomorrow, the band perry’s if i die young was playing i was humming along and my head got thinking if i never woke up after i went to sleep today what would i be remembered for??

looking back at times as far as i can remember
what i hav is nothing..nothing to be remebered for..what hav i been besides a dissapointment to my friends, my family and most of all to the man in the mirror in whose eyes all i see is that emptiness. that desire to live, to be free, to stand on his own two feet and all i have been telling him is to wait. i tell him have patience and all the while i lay on my bed just contemplating on the things i’ve given up, the people i have lost in time, my failure to be a good friend to the ones i have, and i dont even wanna get started on the family. some other time may be.

i wonder if this i what i will stay like this forever or will i ever grow into something..something i could be proud of and stop pretending and that fake smile to be replaced my the real thing. i ask if its because im alone and the real thing still remains a mystery to me.

i was talking to a friend yesterday, he told me ‘life is a like a one nightstand stranger u dont want to reveal’.. may be just may be  i know exactly what life is for me i just dont want to except it.. rather fight the part of me that wants to except the facts….the fact of life that fact of me. and the battle thats dont seem to end in me is whats wearing me out! mess a big mess…a demon to be tamed aint a easy thing to do!!