“Oh my baby”

I hear them words in my head

I miss the love you made me feel

I miss not feeling alone

I don’t miss you

I miss not being the only one in the bed

I miss curling up with you

I miss your kisses

I don’t miss you

I miss your eyes looking at me

I miss your smile

I miss the songs u played

I don’t miss you

I heard them words again

I wish i didn’t miss you


Trying to let go…

Three years since we met, more than a year since we went our separate ways. And still this heart wonders where you are, what you are doing, how you are doing. I lied to you the time we talked. I haven’t let you go. I have been trying to let you go. I am. I just haven’t been able to let you go. I don’t know if i want to, i dun think i want to because i feel guilty for tying to let you go. I feel sad for myself but i don’t want to break your heart again, instead i have been breaking other hearts. I don’t know. I am getting feed up with myself.

I wish we were together. I wish we were happy together. But now all i can wish for is that we find hapiness.

I never thought love would do this to me. But it has. Like i didn’t have enough of heartaches. Life is hard, god is cruel and i shall breathe again.