Who doesn’t want to reach the moon and look at the earth the way we look up at the moon from down here?  That’s the thing about expectations they want us to reach the moon, soar in the space and reach beyond the Milky Way galaxy. But for some of us staying afloat in this sea of life, not drown in it before reaching the shore is what we need to learn to be able to do then we can worry about sprouting the wings or building a space ship to get there. The most important thing in life is to learn to do your best, give all that you got in the given situation and live and smile.

windy nite

don’t everybody just love da cool wind when it hits u? da sensation is amazing. i love it. love sitting in da terrace with winds blowing, not blowing may be like a breeze and music blowing in the ears, dark sky with scattered stars to keep ur mind indulged, plus a beutiful moon owning the sky is wat i’d call perfect way to end ur day before bed.