Silence kills, so Talk.

I want to become silence but I am dying because of your silence. I have hurt you, it could be a lot of things and I don’t even know what to apologize for. You won’t tell. You have let go of me. You avoid me and if that is what you want to do right now then, okay. I want to talk to you about this but I’m worried I will push away more and knowing you I don’t want to do that. Talking won’t solve this. You need to time but the question is how much. I have been giving you space and you have just been avoiding me. Your fake smile has been no help either. I wish I could heal our friendship more than anything right now. But the fact is wishing won’t do anything. You became an important part of my life but I wasn’t there for you. It has been bugging me. It was unintentional. It was miscommunication but how do I explain. I don’t want to seem like I’m trying to give you excuses, try to justify why I wasn’t there. The fact that I wasn’t there won’t change.

I hope things will pass. I hope this storm will pass. I know it will, but what will be left behind? everything there ever was? nothing?


Even Diamonds Shatter

We think we are strong enough to hold all the hurt and pain that others inflict upon us. But you know what, its okay to tell them to stop and to not hurt us anymore; that won’t make us weak, it means we are strong enough to stand up and tell them to stop,that’s where the strength lies and not in silence to suffer. There is only so much we can take, doesn’t matter how strong we think we are there will come a point when we might just break. So before that point comes, tell them off.