Survived rejection

Rejection has hurt me to the core

Rejection has shaken me to the core

But i have learnt to move on

I have learnt to live with it

With hope of better day

Days filled with happiness

With laughter and smiles

I have learnt to survive another feeling


Heart breaker

So this is what it feels like
to have crushed somebody’s heart
Dead, like there is nothing in me anymore
just a deep black hole and it doesn’t matter what I do
I won’t be able to fill that hole within.

So this is what is feels like
to have broken somebody’s soul
and my human instinct just tells me to move on
pushes me to keep living on another day, mundane tasks that won’t really matter in the end it just won’t matter.

empty. void. selfish. survival.
Survive, that’s the word my head is repeating to me, Survive.