Past and Present

I am lost for words to describe you
I don’t have enough words to describe you

You took me out of the box I was living in
You are teaching me to live in this harsh world

I wish I had given you more love than I did
I wish I could love you like I want to

I wish things had never ended for us
I wish we could begin like my heart desires

You are the best thing that ever happened to me
You are the best thing to walk into my life

I wish we never went our separate ways
I wish we could be together

You never understood me
You can never understand me

Life just left me with nothing
Only desires left unfulfilled

I should have held you close
I want the courage to face you in the light


Where am i at?

I walk fantasing about you, the unattainable. I never could keep who I already had, but it was never just my fault. This is a point in life where i see myself wanting a lot of things, i talk big and i’m nowhere close to where i want to be. I’m just somewhere. Will i get there? May be. Will i ever get you? No. Better stop now. Steer away from the unattainable. Do i have to?