When you pass by me, you remind me of all the things I want out of my life.
Your smile makes me want to let go of everything and just make u my life
But I know that is nothing but a dream, a dream I’ll never get to live.
Your make me question myself, my decision, my life, the way I choose to live it
You give me hopes but you take it away from me at that moment,
Because I know you can’t stay
Because I can’t ask you to stay
Because I can’t tell you why I want you to stay
Because I dunno how to tell you that you take my breath away every time you smile.
I want to tell you to not smile at me but how do I tell you that, how do I tell you to give up what makes you who you are
So here I am dreaming of a world with you in it and may be I’ll live in it for a while just so that I know what I want out of our life,
But that is a act of stupidity  and I don’t care.

Want? Need?

Alot of people would argue these two words WANT and NEED implies the same thing but I don’t think so. If you are one of them then u should consider yourself lucky! For me they stand for two different things in life. And there are times when it gets really hard to decide which one to go with, which one to sacrifice; you want something but that’s not what you need and putting that energy into something else would get you what you need, and there lies your decision. These decisions kill you at times, leaves you with regrets but nothing you can do to avoid that. You might say why not just have both so you get both your needs and wants out of life but that’s not how it is and will never be. If you think you can have both I’d say you are dreaming. For me  I guess only choice I got is to live with it, at least that’s how I see it.