Never Dying Hatred!

I was watching a report done by BBC about how the homosexual are being brutally murdered by the Iraqi government, just after the end of a war that was happening against terrorism, they have started killing again, haven’t enough people died already? They showed a short interview with a spokesperson of the president in which he told the reporter arrogantly that homosexuality is against their religion and that it was a choice people made they were not going to tolerate. He is so sure he knows everything, that he is right and showed no remorse on the lives that they took. After everything these people have been through, decades of war, you’d think they’d have become wiser!

I will never get tired of talking about how fucked up this world is; how humans always find one thing or the other to start killing each other, how they are bent on causing destruction in their own world; It’s very sad. Sometimes they kill each other in name of religion, caste, wealth, ethnicity, race,…and now sexuality has been added to that long list. Its like people rather put their focus, their resources on destroying others and not using it to better themselves and their lives. I totally don’t get that concept, the way i see it, that’s fucked up!
When are people going to accept others for who they are and not who they want others to be? When will these people learn to accept things for what it is? If they don’t understand things, they take it to be an abomination. Why do these people forget that just like they have the right to live their lives the way they want to, so do the others? When are these people going to learn the concept of “live and let live”? It’s not that hard thing to understand. It’s not quantum physics or anything of that complexity level.

Yes, hatred is a part of this world, of ourselves, does that mean it has to drive us, the world? Don’t they know all hatred brings is sadness, pain, destruction?
If we are to survive, to move forward we as the world has to become one and work with each other with the best things we’ve to offer. I being a 21 year old understands that; so the big question comes in, why don’t these “leaders” of the world understand that? Are we led by fools?


What is life? This is a question with no particular answer. It is something different for each one of us, some call it a mystery, some a journey, I call it WAR, it’s a series of continuous battles.Every morning I wake up, I know a battle awaits, a battle with myself, with the world and the list goes on. There are just too many thing to fight with that winning doesn’t become your priority you just gotta survive every attack, what matters in the end is for you to still be breathing to fight another day. At times we find ourselves all worn and torn, and surrounded by the enemies and we don’t get to say “I gotta rest” or “can we do this tomorrow?”. And the worst would be when there’s nobody there to help you out, yea sure people might tell you there are gonna be there but they fail to keep their words, they are only human BUT we can’t stop we must go on as a…..One Man Army! May be life is a war meant to be fought alone (atleast that’s how it is for me, that’s how i see it). In this war we should always be ready for the worst that could happen in every situation but never forget to enjoy and LIVE the moments..for at the worst of times these moments is what gets you going and not give in and surrender in this war. Its not necessary to win every battle, what’s important is how you use what you learnt from all the battles to survive to win. In the long run how many battles you lost wont matter, what will matters is if you fought with all your might and never give up. You cannot tell yourself you can’t fight anymore, you just need to FIGHT!!

For me if I do that till the end I think when the angel of deaths comes I’ll go with a smile.

Words N Promises

Words are powerful things, what u utter could mean a lot for the other person even if it might mean nothing for u.Now a days people just make promises like its nothing, like their words will be forgotten so soon but i remember every word of it. i remember that they failed to keep it and the worst part would be they not even realizing it,  its just me! it hurts because those words gave HOPE, they made me feel i’m not alone in this war we call ‘life’ but there i was proved wrong again and AGAIN. yet i believe in the words people tell me despite of what i think i learnt, yet i hope and again i shatter like a thin sheet of glass!! i know every time they make promises that them keeping it is not sure but i always have ended up believing that this time is gonna be different. i do not know if its me pushing them away or may its just how i am, how i’m meant to end up, ALONE (haha!!) but i got a better word i got from a sister(whom i respect a lot and have learnt a lot from),  i call myself ONE-MAN-ARMY!! i know this war is meant to be fought alone and i have accepted that fact.

a word of advice for everyone out there Don’t make promises if u know u wont be able to keep it.


A dream that got crushed

There I was just out of high school filled with dreams with hopes of being in the place or atleast closer to where I wanted to be, to become a doctor. I was excited telling everybody my dream and saying I’m going to do I would have to get there, little did I know the way this world this society worked. So I lost myself, found myself in a darkness I thought I could never get out of but I did and here I stand.

Our world is filled with lies, with hypocrisy which is corrupting the society, discouraging the dreamers. It seems to be only the world of people with power and money and nothing else matters. But there are few lucky ones who got to their destination, may be their talent got them there and I hope so because it’s not fair for everyone to have their dreams crushed. But me started off my journey from one thing in my head and ended up somewhere else, somewhere exactly opposite to where I intended to be. Its not that people hadn’t told me this could happen. I knew it very well even though I would not like to admit but as much as I would like to I didn’t put myself in this position I cant deny the fact I did with a lot of help from this society I live in. Not that I want to blame them but I do because it’s simply easier to move on and say this is LIFE and HOW THIS WORLD WORKS!

I ask myself from time to time “did I put in my best?” and the answer always is NO and I ask myself “why?” which is always unanswered because I know I’m to blame as well. It’s late now even though people say ‘it’s never too late’ I knew it was late for me but I gave up on my dream myself too soon. Did I waste my time? YES. I lost my drive, my enthusiasm and believed I couldn’t do it, believed that may be it wasn’t for me and started looking for a new dream there I was completely lost. I was out of my grounds; it’s not an easy thing to do to come out of your comfort zone to the unknown. But all it took was a bit of effort to make me believe that I can make it in this sick world. But that was short lived as I got PUT into a new track I tried avoiding from the beginning. Do I curse this world this society? Constantly; but I know I got to move on, and not give up on myself without one heck of a fight. Should I have had done that before may be who knows I might have been living my “dream”. Is that going to haunt me? Yes. But I learnt ‘to believe in myself to the end of the world’, so think of it my time wasn’t that much of a waste, I learnt something.

‘Something’s in life you have to go through yourself to learn off it which is just not possible to learn off other’s lives’ that how I’d like to put it and move on to next step in my life. Do I have some doubts? Yes. Am I finding it easy to start off at a point I’d never thought I’d be in to start with? NO, but what is easy in life in this world? NOTHING (May for few lucky ones; if you are one them GOOD FOR YOU). So the moral of the story is, even if your dream gets crushed don’t let it crush you rather learn off the bad experience come out of it stronger. I think I have.